Mixed-signal silicon IP builds accurate, wide-range smart metering

February 24, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Dolphin Integration says it is the first silicon IP provider to announce smart power metering that achieves a range of 1/5,000 with 0.05% accuracy, in a complete solution.

Dolphin's announcement is of a silicon-proven Virtual Component in IP, targeting the growing market of smart meters, such as utility billing meters or smart plugs.

The Metro-PM-Jade-mono.05 is a complete measurement subsystem for single-phase power metering ICs; it is available for Fabless and SoC integrators in technological processes at 180 nm and 130 nm. Metro-PM-Jade-mono.05 builds a high-resolution mixed-signal front-end (sensAFE-20x32-PM-mono.05-LB) and a dense power and energy computation engine (PCE-PM.01). This product embeds a low-drift voltage reference and a low-noise voltage regulator. With reduced constraints on supply noise, the safest integration process is ensured together with reduction of the bill of materials.

Metro-PM-Jade-mono.05 has been tested for use with a either a current transformer sensor or with a shunt resistor. It features outstanding performance with both, enabling, respectively, accuracy of 0.05 % / 0.07 % with a range of 5,000 / 3,000. The accuracy of the measurements enables to gather new types of advanced data, which can be exploited to supply users with better information and to best serve utilities in the energy production management.

Dolphin Integration develops Right-on-First-Pass Virtual Components using its Virtual Fab Process where Silicon Qualifiers serve to validate the equivalence between simulations and measurements.

Dolphin Integration;  www.dolphin-ip.com