MMIC driver amplifier spans 24 GHz to 35 GHz

September 23, 2015 // By Susan Nordyk
A medium-power distributed driver amplifier, the HMC1131 from Analog Devices, operates between 24 GHz to 35 GHz, providing 22 dB of gain at the 24-GHz to 27-GHz range and 24 dBm of saturated output power at a 1-dB gain compression. The part also furnishes a high output third-order intercept of 35 dBm.

The HMC1131 reduces the number of components required to achieve the desired output power and small-signal gain in civil and defence communications systems, including point-to-point radios, point-to-multipoint radios, VSAT, and SATCOM. Based on a GaAs pHEMT design, the MMIC amplifier requires 225 mA from a 5V supply. Return loss is 8 dB (input) and 7 dB (output) typical. Gain variation over temperature is 0.031 dB/°C.

Housed in a 4×4-mm, 24-lead ceramic leadless chip carrier, the HMC1131 distributed driver amplifier costs $34.15 (1000); an evaluation board, the EV1HMC1131LC4, costs $248.60.

Analog Devices,