MMIC range gains wideband amplifiers, to 4/15 GHz

September 13, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Macom’s MAAM-011229 and MAAM-011206 are fully matched and current adjustable amplifier solutions for multi-market applications ranging from land mobile radio to wired broadband, and including test and measurement instrumentation.

Macom Technology Solutions has added the MAAM-011229, a low noise amplifier, and the MAAM-011206, a Darlington amplifier.


MAAM-011206 is a versatile, broadband Darlington amplifier operating from DC to 15 GHz. This device outperforms competitive parts with superior frequency range, higher gain of 14 dB, improved return loss of >15 dB and higher output power drive of 20 dBm P1dB. Housed in a 1.5 x 1.2 mm plastic SMT package, the MAAM-011206 is compatible with standard pick and place assembly equipment. Functional operation is achieved with single bias from +3 V to +5 V and has the option for current adjustment with an external bias resistor. With high performance in gain and return loss, this amplifier give real estate constrained designers versatility for test and measurement, land mobile radios and wireless and satellite communications.

MAAM-011229 is a 3-5V broadband low noise amplifier (LNA) covering the frequency of 0.05 to 4 GHz. This 50Ω LNA provides flat gain and excellent return losses to 3.25 GHz and out to 4 GHz with a 1.2 dB roll off while keeping noise figure below 2 dB. Simple matching and bias circuit, along with active bias enables the 2mm 8-lead MAAM-011229 to be a multi-market amplifier.