More expansion options for Raspberry Pi/Arduino

November 21, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Designed by Gert van Loo, Gertduino is the successor product to the massively popular Gertboard: available from element14 Gertduino is an Arduino-Uno like board that was created by Gert van Loo, the inventor of the Gertboard

Gertduino is Arduino compatible and plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi. It features dual Atmel Atmega MCUs, -328 and -48, both of which can be programmed from the Raspberry Pi using the Arduino GUI or the GCC Atmel compiler. Gertduino includes a Real Time Clock (RTC), IRDA interface, RS232 level converter and a battery back-up power supply for the Atmega-48. It is priced at $29.99 and supplied with free to download software and tutorials.

“Gertduino is focused on education and development use and I created the board to help leverage the combined power of the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino developer communities,” said Gert van Loo, SoC Architect at Broadcom and designer of the original Gertboard and the Gertduino. “You can now connect the Gertduino and therefore the Raspberry Pi to almost every Arduino Shield that’s available, so the development potential is simply enormous.”