MOSFET reduces off-board height by 50 percent

April 19, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Diodes Incorporated has launched a line of high-efficiency N- and P-channel MOSFETs in low-profile DFN2020-6 packages.

With an off-board height of 0.4 mm and a footprint of 4 mm 2, the DFN2020H4 packaged DMP2039UFDE4, a -25 V rated P-channel device, is 50% thinner than competing devices.  

The other MOSFETs in the series are provided in the 0.5 mm high DFN2020E package, which is 20% thinner than the common 0.6 mm high alternatives.

Targeted at load-switching applications, the DMP2039UFDE4 also provides circuit designers with 3 kV protection against human-borne electrostatic discharge.  The new MOSFETs’ low typical RDS(on), for example just 13 mΩ at a VGS of 4.5 V for the -12 V P-channel DMP1022UFDE, means conduction losses can also be minimized in battery-charging applications.

The 20 V N-channel DMN2013UFDE makes an ideal load switch or high-speed switch in DC/DC buck and boost converters and again offers a high 2 kV ESD protection rating.  Operating at a VDS of 60 V, the DMN6040UFDE is one of the first high-voltage MOSFETs to be introduced in the DFN2020 package and suits small form-factor industrial and HVAC controls.

Well-suited for ultra-slim portable product designs, such as smart phones, tablets and digital cameras, the initial series of nine MOSFETs is comprised of -12 V, -20 V, -25 V and -40 V P-channel and 12 V, 20 V and 60V N-channel parts.

The low-profile DFN2020 packaged N- and P-channel MOSFETs are priced from $0.15 USD each in 3K quantities.

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