MOSFET relays step up current carrying capacity

February 10, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
High current MOSFET relays can support continuous loads of up to 3.3A AC, or 6.6A DC. The devices are aimed at electromechanical relay replacement in smart meters, security, medical and industrial applications.

High current Omron types G3VM-61GR2 and G3VM-61HR1 match the performance of comparable Omron electromechanical relays, and exceed that of competing solid state relay alternatives. Key features are the low on-resistance compared to electromechanical devices and their low susceptibility to external magnetic interference. A key feature is the fast switching time – with a Ton / Toff of 3 msec/0.5 msec for the GR2 and 5 msec/1 msec for the HR1.

The G3VM-61HR1 is aimed at higher power applications. Packaged in a 6-pin SOP it can switch currents of up to 3.3A AC at 60V and has an on-resistance of 30 milliOhms. Using a double current connection configuration for DC loads, the device can carry up to 6.6A DC with an on-resistance of 8 milliOhms. This is a 43% greater load than the previous G3VM-61HR.

The G3VM-61GR2, in a 4-pin SOP package, is designed for signal switching of digital and analogue signals. It can switch currents of up to 1.7A AC, 70% more than the previous G3VM-61GR1, with an on-resistance of 80 milliOhms.

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