Motor drive ICs evaluated with Ardunio-compatible shield board

April 12, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
For easier design-ins in shorter timescales, and to support the evaluation of its motor driver devices, Rohm is about to launch an Arduino-based evaluation kit (EVK). Designed as a ‘shield’ to plug directly into the Arduino main board, this EVK allows engineers to rapidly evaluate and prototype stepper motor systems.

It comes in 15 different variants for Rohm’s stepper motor driver ICs– from standard, micro step, low voltage to high voltage. This comprehensive solution covers supply voltages from 8V to 42V, enables up to 2.5A per phase, as well as micro-stepping and single- or multi-phase control of one or two stepper motors. The ‘easy to adapt’ EVK is supplied with a software library and example programs to facilitate a rapid learning curve.


Rohm Semiconductor;