Multi-board systems development capability scaled up in Mentor’s Xpedition

October 29, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Mentor Graphics has announced what it terms a ‘key building block’ in its Xpedition platform, the Xpedition Systems Designer product for multi-board systems connectivity.

Xpedition Systems Designer captures the hardware description of multi-board systems, from logical system definition down to the individual PCBs, automating multi-level system design synchronisation processes to ensure team collaboration with accuracy and faster design productivity.

Current systems design processes for advanced electronics are, Mentor asserts, characterised by multiple, disconnected tools used for system definition, with no standard methodology to synchronise and transfer design data between design disciplines and abstraction levels. This can lead to incorrect electrical connections, mechanical interference, and the high costs of manual synchronisation. Mentor presents Xpedition Systems Designer as resolving this problem as the industry's only single, integrated, and automated methodology that captures complete logic system definitions. The system may consist of multiple boards, cables and other system elements, such as backplane, cable assemblies, sensors and actuators. This solution enables consistency and completeness of the multi-board system description.

“Systems design involves collaboration across disciplines, and is critical to modern product development. Traditional design practices isolate systems capture from the rest of the process, lowering team productivity, stifling innovation, and increasing product cost,” stated John MacKrell, vice president, Systems Engineering Knowledge Council lead of CIMdata.