Multi-channel chipset simultaneously supports ZigBee and Thread networks

July 01, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
GreenPeak Technologies’ GP712 for gateways and set-top boxes makes IoT solutions future-proof, at no additional cost, the company asserts: it positions the offering as the first single radio multi-protocol chipset with multi-channel receive capability for set-top boxes, gateways, and other advanced IoT devices.

As ZigBee is the dominant communication technology for wireless sensor networks and Thread (GreenPeak believes) will quickly become a prevailing player in the same IoT communication space, application developers and device manufacturers need a future-proof solution that can combine both communication protocols for connected home applications. The GP712 will enable devices to support multiple protocols in normal operation, or to create a single SKU (stock keeping unit) that determines the type of protocol used in the consumer’s home at the time of installation instead of as a factory selection.

In 2013, GreenPeak introduced a multi-protocol solution, the first single radio multi-protocol chip for set-top boxes and gateways. With GP712, GreenPeak adds add the feature of simultaneously listening for both ZigBee and Thread packets using a single radio. This is a major cost reduction for designing future-proof set-top boxes or gateways. GreenPeak has improved its frequency agility mechanism to provide enhanced co-existence of the various applications with other 2.4 GHz wireless communication systems. In combination with GreenPeak’s antenna diversity solution the company claims to have the most robust solution available. The GP712 comes in a small footprint 24-pin QFN package, making it well-suited for low-cost PCB design rules in price sensitive applications.

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