Multi-GNSS module for automotive application

March 27, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
ALPS Electric’s UMSZ2 Series of multi GNSS modules for automotive use provides support for multiple satellite positioning systems with a single module.

Because the positioning accuracy of satellite positioning systems can be improved by receiving signals from a large number of satellites, there is demand for modules that support multiple positioning systems. Some countries are even considering mandatory customs duties on products that are not compatible with their own positioning systems. Consequently, there is a growing requirement that product components also support multiple positioning systems.

The UMSZ2 Series even allows simultaneous reception of signals from multiple positioning systems with the single unit. It is a surface mount module with dimensions of 25.0 × 20.0 × 2.6 mm. Also equipped with an internal antenna status detection circuit, as required for GNSS signal reception, the module helps to reduce the engineer’s workload in designing and installing such circuits.

The time taken to acquire a position fix after turning on the system was also shortened, realising the industry’s fastest TTFF. The UMSZ2 Series can operate off a single 3.3V power supply despite simultaneously receiving signals from multiple GNSS. Eliminating the need for a multiple power supply contributes to greater freedom in system design.

A dead reckoning function for updating position information inside tunnels or in other areas where a signal is unavailable will also be added as an option.

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