Multi-sensor IoT board hosts u-blox' GPS/GNSS positioning technology

April 19, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Sodaq board, u-blox GPS
u-blox' (Thalwil, Switzerland) EVA-7M GPS/GNSS receiver module has been embedded in the miniature IoT development board LoRaONE by Sodaq, now running a campaign on Kickstarter. The product is a 32-bit Arduino compatible board equipped with Low-Power WAN connectivity that enables development of any kind of IoT solution, anywhere.

The matchbox-sized product (40 x 25 mm) is packed with sensors. The u-blox EVA-7M on the board enables a quick positioning fix. The board is equipped with an accelerometer allowing the GPS to safely switch off until the device detects movement, in order to minimize energy usage. A magnetometer identifies magnetic fields, while 14 I/O pins are available for connection with other sensors or devices. With these features, the development board can be used for applications ranging from wearables to M2M communications. Indoor and outdoor communications from the board are supported by the LoRa LPWAN technology. In addition, Sodaq offers a range of compatible cellular WAN development boards, also using u-blox modules.

Sodaq's (the name is derived from SOlar powered Data AcQuisition) project is at;