Multicore DSPs offer enterprise gateway developers increased density and improved scalability

August 08, 2012 // By Nick Flaherty
TI has launched three new multicore digital signal processors (DSPs) for developers to more effectively meet the specialized challenges of enterprise gateway design.

Aimed at enterprise gateway applications such as session border controllers and IP PBX gateways, the KeyStone-based TMS320C665x offers developers a dense and scalable solution, including development software. The devices support matching voice coding techniques, processing tone and signaling messaging, distinguishing facsimile from voice, converting legacy circuit switched connections to IP and managing and reporting voice quality.
The C665x DSPs provide a balanced alternative that scales for voice processing, signaling and system control. In the face of significant and unpredictable growth in SIP messaging, The TMS320C6654 DSP at 850MHz supports up to 64 channels of G.729AB, while the TMS320C6655 DSP at 1GHz supports up to 128 channels of G.729AB. The TMS320C6657 DSP at 1.25GHz provides significant head room for applications requiring added density.
“Our newest multicore DSPs give gateway developers an all-encompassing solution that meets all of their specialized processing requirements,” said Ramesh Kumar, business manager for multicore processors at TI. “The C665x DSPs deliver the highest levels of performance at targeted channel density while maximizing power consumption. With our new KeyStone devices, we are addressing the specific requirements of enterprise gateway designs and providing developers what’s required to be successful and a differentiator in this competitive market.”
Starting just under $30 at 10 KU, the C665x processors consist of three fully pin-compatible, low-cost, power-optimized solutions for developers migrating from single core to multicore. The C6657 features two 1.25GHz DSP cores, delivering up to 80 GMACs and 40 GFLOPs, while the C6655 and C6654 single core solutions deliver up to 40 GMACs and 20 GFLOPs and 27.2 GMACs and 13.6 GFLOPs, respectively. Under normal operating conditions, the C6657, C6655 and C6654 power numbers are at 3.5W, 2.5W and 2W, respectively.