Multimode HSPA+ and EV-DO module addresses multiple operator networks

September 18, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Sierra Wireless has introduced the AirPrime SL9090, a multimode module that gives device manufacturers the ability to operate on networks that use either HSPA+ or EV-DO cellular standards with a single product design.

The AirPrime SL Series opens up new opportunities for developers to create innovative M2M applications. It will serve customers addressing the North American market, where both HSPA+ and EV-DO network technologies are used. The AirPrime SL9090 is designed for use in fixed or mobile M2M deployments in the industrial, field service, energy, networking, and transportation sectors. It has design and operational characteristics that make it particularly well-suited for use in tough environments, such as the ability to withstand an extended range of temperatures, and a dual microphone design that provides high-quality audio and noise cancellation features often needed in industrial settings. Sierra Wireless is shipping the AirPrime SL9090 with embedded software images specific to each mobile operator that can be selected by the customer. The module uses a compact 25x30mm LGA (Land Grid Array) form factor, which facilitates manufacturing for high-volume production. Additional key features include GPS and antenna diversity support.

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