Multimode, offline, flyback controller for high-end LED lighting designs

March 03, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Infineon’s latest multimode flyback controller IC for LED applications has been designed to meet the performance and efficiency demands of mid-range to high-end LED designs: the IRS2982S is configured to be a versatile controller for interior, outdoor, office and industrial lighting schemes.

The IRS2982S incorporates a 600V high-voltage start-up cell that delivers a fast ‘time-to-light’ of less than 0.5 sec, and it eliminates the need for external components for voltage division. Configurable Critical Conduction Mode (CrCM) and Discontinuous Current Mode (DCM) operation ensure compatibility with a wide range of application requirements. They make the device suitable for dimming LED converter designs across the full current range. The key application of the IRS2982S is the isolated flyback with CV (constant voltage) mode which opens up design flexibility in other topologies, such as non-isolated flyback with CC/CV, buck, boost, and SEPIC (single ended primary inductor converter).

To reduce power consumption the IRS2982S features a burst mode capability that ensures ultra-low standby power. The device operates from an input voltage range of 85 VAC to 305 VAC and incorporates over-voltage and over-current protection as standard. An optimized single-stage PFC/flyback design ensures a power factor of higher than 0.9 and a low THD of below 20%. A 50W flyback evaluation board (pictured) is available.