Nano/micro-electronics training courses delivered on multimedia platform

May 07, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
In order to make high quality training in the field of micro/nano-electronics available for European industry and research, EuroTraining has developed the multimedia internet platform

The educational platform offers pan-European access to nearly all English language training provided by national course providers throughout Europe and addresses engineers from industry as well as researchers and university teachers.

The platform provides links to over 1000 training courses, summer schools, downloadable courses and university teaching materials. Course providers can announce their training events for free on the platform and universities have the possibility to quickly disseminate their knowledge and expertise by up- and downloading freely available teaching materials.

The EuroTraining project was launched in January 2013 and includes five partners: COREP from Turin (Italy) and FSRM from Neuchâtel (Switzerland), both specialised in continuous education and technology transfer, the technical universities of Budapest (Hungary) and Denmark and the research organization CEA-LETI in Grenoble (France). The project is supported by the EC and will run for three years.