Near-eye-display: 1.7M-dot colour OLED micro-display, now in distribution

September 16, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Specialist distributor Astute Electronics has Microoled’s MDP01, a 9.65-mm diagonal, 1.7 million dot full-colour OLED micro-display for applications where clear, crisp, sharp image quality is required while minimising cost, power consumption and space.

Microoled has developed small, high definition, low power OLED displays that target near-eye display (NED) applications such as head-up displays, sports devices, camera viewfinders, and medical devices. The company’s low voltage device architecture features a sub-pixel arrangement resulting in highest pixel density and lowest power.

The MDP01 micro-display measures 12.44 x 11.97 mm and has an active area of 8.73 x 5.00 mm (9.65 mm diagonal). Power consumption is 25 mW in video mode. Resolution is 873 x 500 pixels, contrast is typically 100,000:1 and luminance is up to 250 cd/m²; 75 fL. Response time is under one microsecond.

Comments Mike Blee, Marketing Manager, Astute Electronics: “The MDP01 provides ultra-high contrast, ensuring ‘black is black’ which is essential for high image quality. No ‘grid matrix’ is visible, further improving resolution, and the manufacturing technology enables a wide viewing angle with no loss in contrast or changes in colour.”