Nessbo search engine designed for electronic component buyers

February 07, 2013 // By Julien Happich is a new search engine for electronic components, it combines every imaginable source of parts, displays prices from all of them and enables buyers to purchase directly from the source by a click of a button.

Nessbo enables purchasing managers find those parts easily and see prices from every source, combined on a single screen. As well as major distributors, the search engine includes parts from independent suppliers, as well as from OEMs and EMSs with part overruns, resellers and local distributors, and even manufacturers who sell direct to end users. As for ease of use, eliminates the drudge work of having to send RFQs and sort through the replies. Its built-in algorithm can mine data from any file format, even a simple email. Registered clients may search amongst reputable franchised distributors and independent distributors at no cost. Among those franchised distributors are Avnet, Arrow, Mouser, Farnell, Future, RS, all their subsidiaries, and at least 30 others. also offers deeper searches of independent suppliers.

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