Network processor boasts 16 ARM cores for mobile network infrastructure applications

February 20, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
LSI has developed a network processor with 16 ARM Cortex-A15 processors and a range of acceleration co-processors for mobile network infrastructure applications.

The Axxia 5500 supports up to 50 Gb/s packet processing, 20 Gb/s security processing and 160Gb/s of Ethernet switching for base stations, cell site routers and gateways in multi-radio systems and 4G/LTE capable wireless networks.

The 28-nm chip is also one of the first to use ARM’s new interconnect, the CCN504 CoreLink, to link the processors with the embedded engines. “One of the key points is the chip includes the CCN504 CoreLink and this is something that LSI was a lead partner in, “ said Tory Bailey, director of marketing at LSI. “This creates a virtual pipeline that allows the chip to coordinate all the different engines and the programmer can pre-define particular processes for each particular flow in a deterministic manner,” he said.

The key to the device is the software running on the embedded engines. LSI provides a comprehensive tool suite and production-quality wireless application enablement software. LSI’s optimized, high-performance L2 to L4 software packages has been ported from the revious 3400 generation devices to provide a complete wireless transport solution for networking OEMs, eliminating the need to invest in data plane software development.