New 6-bit GaAs pHEMT phase shifter offers low phase error and fast switching speed

November 08, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. has introduced a new digital phase shifter for C-Band Radar applications. The phase shifter facilitates easy implementation in communication antennas, phased array radars, and weather radars.

The MAPS-011008 meets the high performance requirements of radar system manufacturers, optimizing for fast switching speed, low phase error, and serial or parallel control capability.

The 6-bit C-Band Phase Shifter is designed specifically for 5.0 GHz to 6.0 GHz applications and is optimized for low RMS phase error and RMS attenuation error.
The MAPS-011008 is housed in a 4 mm 24-lead PQFN Package. The device provides 360° phase shift range with a step size of 5.6°. The device is controlled with a single +5.0 V serial or parallel control line. The shifter's insertion loss is 4.0 dB, with a low ±0.5 dB attenuation variation, and ±3.0° phase accuracy over the 5.0 to 6.0 GHz frequency range.


Production quantities and samples of MAPS-011008 are available from stock.

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