New laser system power supply offers 'Superpulsing' capability

March 26, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Unipower has unveiled the LRC Series high voltage power supplies designed for use in mid-power CO2 and similar medical and industrial laser systems. Combining rugged and high reliability circuitry with high efficiency, a compact footprint and the choice of open frame or enclosed configuration, the LRC Series power supplies provide 300 W and 700 W output power.

Strike voltages are 30 kV and 50 kV, respectively. Input voltage can be 115 or 230 VAC at 50/60 Hz.

Suitable for those building laser systems will be the ‘Superpulsing’ capability of these LRC units which provides maximum pulse currents of up to 60 mA and repetition rates to 2 kHz at 100% duty cycle. Full power is available at 75% of maximum voltage.

For the highest efficiency levels combined with the lowest heat generation, power in the LRC units is switched at 42 kHz and current mode operation eliminates the need for a discharge ballast element.

Air cooled and offering a positive or negative output, LRC Series power supplies feature remote analog control and monitoring with protection against open and short circuits.

As standard, the 300 W unit meets EN60601 for leakage current and this approval is available for the 700 W model as an option.

For OEM volume applications Unpower offers customized versions of the LRC series and the units come with a one year warranty.

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