New MCU family delivers cost-effective digital control to reduce energy footprint

March 23, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Renesas Electronics has expanded the company's RX600 MCU family with the new 32-bit RX62G group. The MCUs are optimized for digital power control applications, including motor control with power factor correction (PFC), digital power supply, UPS and solar inverters.

Digital power control applications require a balance of high performance and high resolution while meeting stringent power consumption and cost criteria. Previously, to serve these digital power applications, engineers have used dedicated DSP or application specific devices that hit the power/performance balance, but are often more complex and costly to design in. Further, these devices provide less flexibility, a limited range of products to chose from, and require specific tools and software compared with a general purpose MCU.

The combination of advanced analog, processing power, high-resolution capability and integrated timer functions make the new RX62G MCUs ideal to implement high-accuracy digital control for inverters/converters, power management and digital power supply, such as power systems and general-purpose server power. By enabling complex algorithms and high-precision control at an affordable cost, the RX62G series enables higher efficiency in these types of power control applications, helping to reduce their carbon footprints.

The new MCUs expand on the advanced analog and control features of the RX62T and RX63T devices, delivering more efficient power consumption and performance. The new MCUs are also pin-compatible with the RX62T series, and software compatible with other members of the RX600 family, which offers greater scalability options for embedded engineers working with changing design requirements or on a variety of applications.

The new MCUs operate at 100 MHz delivering constant 1.65 DMips/MHz to provide maximum power efficiency when operated at lower speeds and outstanding performance at higher speed. Integrated DSP instruction and FPU enable efficient implementation of complex algorithms and control loops. The single-precision FPU offloads the RX CPU and simplifies decimal-point calculations, boosting overall processing performance and simplifying firmware development. With an embedded flash that works at CPU speed with no wait state, the RX62G delivers a real-time performance 165 DMips at 100 MHz in a pure deterministic manner.

The new series also feature four high-resolution timers capable of generating PWM signals with 312.5 ps resolution needed to control