New power supply suits high voltage X-ray applications

May 14, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
UNIPOWER has released a high voltage power supply series designed to satisfy the widest range of industrial, analytical, scientific and medical X-Ray applications.

UNIPOWER’s XRC/XRS Series is the latest in a long line of high voltage power sources developed by Universal Voltronics, which was acquired by UNIPOWER in August 2011.

The XRC/XRS Series combines a stable 0.05%, low ripple high voltage power source with one or more filament supplies in a single, compact package optimized for X-Ray systems. Output voltages range from 60 kV to 450 kV with power levels to 4 kW.

According to UNIPOWER, the two key features of these X-Ray power supplies are reliability and stability achieved with the use of modular circuit architectures and the use of a proprietary solid high-dielectric encapsulation medium which also helps to reduce weight and size. To greatly enhance reliability levels, the XRC/XRS Series is designed and built using components and systems with ratings that substantially exceed their in-service loads. Other key features include microprocessor control, low stored energy, superior arc management with configurable arc handling and overvoltage protection.

The XRC/XRS Series units operate from a single phase 230 VAC input with a power factor of 0.9 or better. Filament outputs are 8 VDC at 6 A with a ripple level less than 1% which suits many commercially available standard X-Ray tubes. Remote control is possible using an analog interface or a standard RS232 interface.