NFC solution fits into SIM cards for secure contactless payment

November 06, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Inside Secure's PicoPulse NFC “booster” chip enables manufacturers to fit all the components of an NFC card emulation and peer-to-peer mode solution into a standard SIM form factor.

The PicoPulse NFC RF front-end booster chip is provided with the Inside’s high-performance VaultSEcure hardware solution secure element to support NFC-compliant card emulation and peer-to-peer operation for SIM and other form factors. SIM cards based on the PicoPulse chip can be plugged into current mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices to cost-effectively bring them the NFC functionality for mobile payment, transport, access control and other secure transactions.
The PicoPulse chip significantly reduces the effects of the metals and electrical noise typically found within mobile phones and only requires a 10x5mm antenna, even when the SIM card is inserted into devices under or beside the battery. The VaultSEcure chip is EMVCo IC certified and common criteria EAL5+ targeted. Both chips are complemented by a complete reference design for OEMs to use in SIM, microSD and other format solutions.

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