For NFC tags; IC for battery-less RF communication and interoperability

February 10, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe has extended its range of NFC tags with an IC for battery less RF communication which is compliant with JISX6319-4 (212 kbps/424 kbps), ISO/IEC14443 TypeA (106 kbps), and ISO/IEC14443 TypeB (106 kbps/212 kbps/424 kbps) 13.56-MHz contactless IC card standards, with global interoperability.

The MN63Y1221-E1 product has 8 kbit FeRAM non-volatile built-in memory with fast write and low power consumption, provides an I ²C host interface, and comes in an SON8 package. The FeRAM memory of the NFC tag IC offers 100 million write cycles and can be protected by a 128 bit password. The component also features an energy harvesting output that allows powering the host by the energy harvested from the NFC magnetic field. The supply voltage range is 1.7V up to 3.6V. The MN63Y1221-E1 is available directly through Panasonic and via the distributor Rutronik.


PAISEU adds that the MN63Y1221-E1 NFC tag IC provides three communication modes: RF, serial, and tunnel (the tunnel mode allows direct communication between the reader/writer and the host).