Non-isolated, PoL controller IC uses digital programming: operates without bus connection

July 03, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Dresden-based semiconductor company ZMDI has released a fully configurable true-digital, high-performance PWM controller IC for non-isolated, step-down DC/DC point-of-load (POL) supplies. The ZSPM1005 operates in a single-phase and single-rail configuration.

The ZSPM1005 has a digital control loop and is fully programmable, enabling fast design-cycles and debugging; ZMDI's digital control engine provides goodstep-response performance resulting in the highest power density and best POL solution cost.

The new ZMDI controller includes a 2-pin-configuration feature to set output voltage, compensation, and other parameters using external resistors. The pin assignments are fully programmable by the Pink Power Designer software during development. In the final application, the ZSPM1005 controller device has the flexibility to configure a curve fitting relationship between the voltage at the configuration pins and parameters such as the output voltage set-point, so digital communication with the DC/DC converter for monitoring or on-the-fly configuration is not required. Since this "hybrid" IC is pin-to-pin compatible with the earlier ZSPM1000, ZMDI's family concept enables POL power module platform designs for modules with and without digital PMBus communication.

The company said it calls the new product a "hybrid" controller because it delivers the performance and flexibility of the digital world, while in the final application, it is used like a traditional analogue-controller-based POL solution. Thus it provides a simplicity of use that makes it the ideal solution for POL power module requirements for FPGA designs.

ZSPM1005 is priced at €1,68 (5000).