NXP offers on-line tool for UHF PCB antenna design

August 20, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
This design tool helps electronics manufacturers implement RFID technology; manufacturers wanting to embed RFID technology in their products are now able to do so without needing deep UHF antenna design experience.

The RFID – PCB online software Antenna Designer tool helps implement antennas on a printed circuit board (PCB) in the UHF frequency range (840-960 MHz).

UHF antenna design is more complex than a typical HF antenna design and needs an expert understanding of the electronic design constraints. With the RFID – PCB Antenna Designer customers can simply input parameters, such as space available on the PCB, target performance, board materials, and target frequency range in the region of application to receive a turnkey UHF antenna design for their specific application. Additionally, the tool offers a comprehensive overview of all the features of the UCODE portfolio, enabling designers to select the right UCODE product for their application.

The RFID – PCB Antenna Designer tool:

- Enables easy UHF antenna design on PCBs

- has a user-friendly interface to help non-RFID experts design high performance antennas

- yields customised and application-specific antenna designs

It has been produced with support from leading engineering companies, CST (Computer Simulation Technology) and Transim: the online design tool is available to use now. CST develops high performance software for the simulation of electromagnetic fields in all frequency bands: Transim delivers innovative cloud application engineering solutions for online design support in the electronics industry

The online RFID – PCB Antenna Designer tool currently supports the following packages:

- UCODE I2C in SOT902 package

- UCODE G2iL in SOT886 package

- UCODE G2iM in SOT886 package

“For customers wanting the benefits of using RFID technology in their products the challenge of designing a good UHF antenna on their PCB board can often be quite daunting. We are helping customers overcome this hurdle with our latest online offering, the RFID – PCB Antenna Designer tool. Created to ease design problems, the tool delivers a full turnkey UHF antenna solution quickly with an outstanding level of performance,” said Mohammed Chemloul, customer application support (CAS) manager, business unit Identification, NXP Semiconductors.