OLED module exceeds 100 lumens

February 12, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Austrian luminary manufacturer Tridonic claims a breakthrough in OLED modules for professional lighting applications: For the first time, an OLED-based lighting module exceeds a light flow of 100 lumens at a size of 99x99mm2. The system efficiency also is significantly higher that for competitive products.

The Lureon REP OLED features a square footprint and a color temperature of 4000K which corresponds to neutral white. It boasts a very high specific light emission of up to 12.000 lumens per square meter and a luminance of 4000 cd/m 2. The new modules are integrated into Tridonic's converter solutions.

The company claims that the Lureon REP marks a significant breakthrough in the OLED world. "An efficacy of better than 50 lm/W and a very high absolute brilliance define a new performance class of OLEDs, enabling professional lighting solutions for the first time ", said Joerg Amelung, General Manager of Tridonic's OLED activities.

Other features also can boost the acceptance if the OLED module in professional lighting markets - for instance a high CRI of better than 80, an extremely low color angle shift of less than 0,005 and a low color tolerance, defined by a MacAdam factor of 4. Its slim shape with a thickness of less than 3 mm makes the module ideal for deployment in free standing luminaires and pendant luminaires.

For more information visit www.tridonic.com