One-chip synchronization system for all telecom timing standards

October 31, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The ACS9522T is what Semtech claims to be the world's first one-chip synchronization system for all telecom timing standards including SyncE and IEEE1588.

The ToPSync synchronization system-on-a-chip supports IEEE1588 master, slave and boundary clock, at the same time as SyncE, SONET and SDH. Uniquely, Semtech provides everything internally; all the CPU processing power and algorithms; RAM and ROM, Ethernet interfaces and timestampers, GPS in/out, clocks in/out along with hardware synthesizers and PLLs. With the growth in 4G-LTE systems and the wide-scale deployment of high-speed mobile broadband, cell sites are becoming smaller and more densely packed than ever before.

The ACS9522T brings specific benefits in PCB real-estate savings along with power and cost reductions. Delivering highly stable time alignment to the base station is now simpler than ever as the ACS9522T will support Semtech’s latest time recovery algorithm. This algorithm runs on an internal CPU, which is specifically tailored to handling PTP, leaving the rest of the base station free from any real-time processing associated with synchronization. ToPSync is totally self-contained with no mandatory external software control required and provides the system designer with a multitude of statistics and network performance measures to aid in debugging and system testing.

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