Open communication standard supported by metering chipset

June 28, 2013 // By Julien Happich
STMicroelectronics has announced a smart-meter IC with built-in support for the Meters-and-More open communication standard, which enables widespread interoperability among smart metering equipment using Power Line Communication (PLC).

The ST75MM is claimed to be the first to embed hardware and communication protocol support for Meters-and-More, simplifying meter design to ultimately enable faster, lower-cost and reliable deployments. The IC enables designers to benefit from the protocol's strong features for smart meter and advanced metering infrastructure applications, such as short messages, robust encryption and authentication features, support for network configuration and management, and retransmission management. First samples of the ST75MM, in the 7x7mm QFN 48 package, will be available to selected customers by October 2013.