Optimising silicon RF power amplifiers; new textbook published

February 20, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
“Linearization and Efficiency Enhancement Techniques for Silicon Power Amplifiers: From RF to mmW” by Eric Kerhervé and Didier Belot addresses the problems of high power generation, faithful construction of non-constant envelope constellations, and efficient and well control power radiation from integrated silicon chips.

The text aims to demonstrate how silicon technology can solve problems and trade-offs of power amplifier design, including price, size, complexity and efficiency

The publisher’s description reads;

“This book provides an overview of current efficiency enhancement and linearisation techniques for silicon power amplifier designs. It examines the latest state of the art technologies and design techniques to address challenges for RF cellular mobile, base stations, and RF and mmW WLAN applications. Coverage includes material on current silicon (CMOS, SiGe) RF and mmW power amplifier designs, focusing on advantages and disadvantages compared with traditional GaAs implementations.

The book covers;

- The principles of linearisation and efficiency improvement techniques

- The architectures allowing the optimum design of multimode Si RF and mmW power amplifiers

- How to make designs more efficient by employing new design techniques such as linearisation and efficiency improvement

- Layout considerations

Published by Elsevier at (UK pounds, or equivalent) £42.99 print or £100 e-book; discounts apply at the time of writing of this item.

Elsevier; http://store.elsevier.com/product.jsp?isbn=9780124186781&pagename=search