Orthogonal direct backplane connector scalable for 56/112 Gbps rates

February 15, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Molex designed its Impulse orthogonal direct backplane connector for high-density data centre applications. The Impulse connector system supports data rates of 56 Gbps NRZ and 112 Gbps PAM4 with superior signal integrity.

The 2.00 mm column-to-column pitch of the Impulse system delivers high-speed connectivity in a compact size. The signal interface improves insertion loss over traditional in-line interface, pushing resonance beyond 35 GHz. The Impulse connector design provides a contact interface in which all signal contacts are pre-loaded, positioned and protected in individual slots. Robust guiding features ensure proper connector alignment and mating.


“As data rates climb, data centres need easy scalability in equipment to minimise future infrastructure investments. Impulse orthogonal direct backplane connectors are forward compatible to meet future data rate needs without having to replace infrastructure,” Molex adds.


Molex; www.molex.com/link/impulse