Outdoor thermoelectric cooler in 24 or 48V configurations

December 13, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Laird Technologies' AA-250 outdoor cooler series are ruggedized air-to-air thermoelectric assemblies that use impingement flow and custom designed thermoelectric modules to transfer heat.

Designed for outdoor enclosures, this product line cools battery back-up systems that are susceptible to degradation when exposed to elevated temperatures or heats when exposed to very cold temperatures. The standard product offering is open loop and comes in 24 or 48 volt configurations, the AA-250-24-44-00-XX and the AA-250-48-44-00-XX. The AA-250 Series has 26% more cooling power and 21% higher efficiency than previous designs, while the overall footprint remains the same. This means battery backup systems in the field have a drop in replacement to upgrade cooling capacity without retrofitting cabinets.

The Outdoor Cooler Series product line requires no maintenance, resulting in a low total cost of ownership. In addition the AA-250 Series is mountable in the vertical or horizontal orientation with optional control of airflow direction on the cold side. This series is RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly as it contains no compressor or CFC refrigerants. This new product line is ideal for the battery backup systems used in wireless base stations and outdoor kiosks used in industrial applications.

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