Ovened crystal oscillator features very low phase noise

July 01, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Rakon's RMO1490A Mercury OCXO comes in a 14.6 x 9.7 mm surface mount package, and with a frequency range of 5 to 50 MHz. Typical noise floor at 19.2 MHz is as low as -165 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset.

This phase noise performance is achieved via Rakon’s proprietary Mercury ASIC and through augmented circuitry design. This “Hybrid” solution also delivers a number of other benefits such as long term stability with ageing less than ±2 ppb/day and temperature stability down to ±30 ppb between -40 and +85°C.

The device has short warm up times less than 3 minutes and only draws 350 mW for operation. The RMO1490A is suitable for design in base stations, microwave equipment and picocells.

Rakon, www.rakon.com