Passive harmonic filters clean 200-240VAC power lines

February 02, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
A line of power-quality-improvement products from Schaffner, under the name ECOsine, has been augmented with further passive harmonic filters, for applications in the voltage range of 200V to 240VAC.

These filters, FN 3416LV (50 Hz) and FN 3418LV (60 Hz), extend the application range of the ECOsine Economy Line down to 200 V to 240 VAC and offer a cost-effective solution for harmonics mitigation particularly suitable for applications requiring superior THDi performance and with limited available space.

Both new series are intended to be used for harmonic mitigation of three-phase installations with diode or thyristor bridge interfaces, enabling to achieve a target THDi of under 7% in presence of a DC-link inductor. Both rectifier peak current and RMS input current are reduced and the grid current is restored to its sinusoidal shape. Lower electrical losses and improved power factor allow an enhanced and more efficient utilisation of electrical system capacity.

The filter concept allows for a quick installation and commissioning without the need of thorough system analysis and the involvement of specialists. The high performance is guaranteed not only at full load, but a power factor close to unity is possible even under demanding partial load operation. Even without DC-link choke installed and with no de-rating, a THDi of under 13% can be achieved.

FN 3416LV ECOsine filters for 50 Hz grids are available with standard ratings from 2.5 to 90 kW while ECOsine FN 3418LV filters for 60 Hz grids are available with standard ratings from 2.5 to 125 HP. All filters are UL-listed, CE-marked and RoHS compliant. They are suitable for AC and DC motor drives, battery chargers and further power electronics applications with 6-pulse input rectifiers.