PayPass 3.0 terminal specification addresses Mobile phone payment transactions

November 26, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Alcinéo has released the PayPass 3.0 library, the latest terminal specification released by MasterCard which enables to manage card acceptance process as well as Mobile phone payment transaction.

This upgraded version of the PayPass payment application encompasses extended features that allow merchants to accept a standard payment with a contactless card or a payment whom PIN is entered through the Smartphone keypad. The software package has been enhanced with a built-in HAL testing suite that enables to define the appropriated implementation of the low level functions to perform a full contactless payment transaction. Alongside with this testing suite, Alcinéo offers a Device Testing Environment that provides a set of commands to allow customers to perform operations to check the reader's behaviour. The DTE is a PC application to be connected to the serial port of the reader in order to test several terminal configurations as well as payment application functionalities.

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