PC scopes upgrade waveform analysis, gain touch support

January 11, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
PC oscilloscope maker Pico Technology has introduced Release 6.11.7 of the PicoScope software. This version of PicoScope provides significant added capabilities for engineers, scientists, technicians and researchers; it is a free download for Pico users.

Trevor Smith, Business Development Manager for Test & Measurement products at Pico, comments, “The new version of PicoScope addresses many challenges with the addition of new mathematical waveform processing tools, decoding of popular serial protocols, and improvements to FFT frequency domain plotting. For users with touchscreens, Pico has introduced pinch and zoom support to enable easy panning and positioning of captured waveforms.”

Advanced waveform mathematics now includes user-configurable filters: High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass and Band Stop. The filters can be used to model missing circuit elements on live waveforms, and to do “what-if” analysis using different design parameters.

Frequency and duty cycle versus time plotting is a new feature that enables analysis of “Big Waveform Data” at a glance. With those plots it is possible to measure clock jitter and wander, modulation depth and characteristics of FM signals on a cycle-by-cycle basis.

There is serial bus support for a total of sixteen protocols including SENT, 10- and 100BASE-T Ethernet, DMX512 (lighting systems) and DCC (model railways). Support for older standards such as I ²C, SPI, CAN and UART / RS-232 has been updated and improved.

The download is at: https://www.picotech.com/downloads

(Illustrations show; 5-decade log plot of an FFT; decode of the SENT protocol; frequency plot; high pass filtering.)