PCB termination for smallest assemblies

April 01, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
ERNI Electronics has a termination system for reliable PCB connections in extremely miniaturised applications such as retrofit bulbs and LED lighting units.

IDC-PCB terminals, with a total height of 2.0 mm, eliminate manual preparation (stripping) of wires prior to termination. The dual IDC contact blades provide a reliable, gas-tight connection to the conductor wire. Hand soldering can be avoided and discrete wires can be processed reliably and reproducibly.

Overall dimensions (2.4 x 2.0 x 2.0 mm) and the required PCB space are significantly smaller compared to other solutions. A cap guides the wire in the terminal, whilst also serving as a strain relief mechanism. Versions with closed end (wire stop) or feed-through (daisy chain capability) are available. Guides in the contact element guarantee correct connection, whilst detents ensure a secure hold.

The SMT-mounted PCB terminals are suitable for solid and stranded wires. In spite of their compact dimensions, they can support a maximum current carrying capacity of 6.0A (AWG 24 at 20 °C) or 17A (AWG 22). The terminals are specified for an extended temperature range of up to 150 °C.

ERNI Electronics; www.erni.com