PCI Express high-speed digitiser extends signal-processing features

November 25, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent has added to its high-speed digitisers with PCIe models supporting custom on-board signal processing capability; the U5309A 8-bit PCIe digitiser samples at up to 2 Gsamples/sec.

Previously, Agilent announced the U5303A 12-bit PCIe high-speed digitiser and the U5340A FPGA development kit to address the needs of OEM applications such as analytical time-of-flight, LIDAR ranging, pulsed radar and ultrasonic imaging.

The Agilent U5309A high-speed digitiser features two channels with an analogue bandwidth from DC to 500 MHz, a large DDR3 memory for long acquisition time, and a very high data throughput with its PCIe 2.0 eight-lane interface. In addition, the U5309A includes a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, which allows users to load custom real-time signal processing algorithms created with the U5340A FPGA development kit software .


The PCIe high-speed digitiser focuses on interoperability, reusability and upgradability. The software driver provided for both the U5303A and the new U5309A supports multiple programmable interfaces for easy integration of the data converter into existing environments. The versatility provided by the common architecture is further enhanced by the custom on-board signal processing. Companies and research institutions can implement their own algorithm as they develop technologies for high-end applications.

Agilent; www.agilent.com/find/U5309A