Phase-matched cable assemblies to 50 GHz

December 01, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Rated for operation from DC to 50 GHz, a range of phase matched cable assemblies allows engineers to specify electrical length in time or degrees at the frequency of operation, for a specific cable assembly.

Phase matching of a cable assembly is essential when connecting to multi-channel receivers as it is important for discrete channels to match and track each other over frequency of operation. Cables can be matched in “sets” or pairs. One of two methods may be used - electrical length (matched to a golden standard), or phase matched to another cable. Typical applications include high power amplifiers, RF combiners and filters, multi-beam antenna arrays, phased array radars

Intelliconnect can provide bespoke cable assemblies for both high-volume or specialist small batch requirements operating from DC to 50GHz for RF applications including test and measurement and defence. All types of cable assemblies are undertaken from wiring loom assemblies to high performance low loss cables operating up to 50GHz. Coaxial, triaxial and multi-way connectors may be specified and fully immersible waterproof versions are available, all 100% electrically tested before despatch. In addition phase matching is available where required to ensure signal integrity in individual, or batches of, assemblies.

The company says that an increasing number of its customers are in the test and measurement market where phase matched cables are essential; it also manufactures and incorporates high-reliability RF connectors for industrial and medical applications. Testing is being extended up to 70GHz.”

Intelliconnect (Europe);