Photometry chips for labs and measurement equipment

May 04, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
MAZeT GmbH unveiled two new ICs for the target application of LED light measurement. The devices handle color measurement and the associated signal processing.

The Jencolor MTCSiCF color sensor in its space-saving QFN16 housing (4 x 4 x 0.9 mm) provides colorimetry in accordance with the CIE1931/DIN5033 standard. The sensor outputs send photocurrents and can be directly integrated into LAB/LUV color spaces as XYZ values. The sensor itself consists of photodiodes whose spectral sensitivity curves are achieved using interference filters. These filters do not exhibit any demonstrable aging or temperature drift.

The second IC handles signal processing and was specially designed for the three-range Jencolor color sensors. The MCDC04AQ features an ADC whose resolution can be varied over the integration time. The highest resolution is 16 bits and is achieved at an integration time of 1 s. The highest sensitivity is at 20fA/LSB. The MCDC04AQ also offers the option for external synchronization of the measuring process. It is internally temperature-compensated.

The combination of color sensor MTCSiCF with MCDC04AQ is excellently suited for photometry applications (brightness, color and temperature), for determining current values for control of spectrally mixed LED light sources or as sensors for monitor calibration for flat displays with LED backlighting. In addition to Jencolor sensor IC products, MAZeT also offers evaluation kits and application support.

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