Piezo drive systems evaluation kits

May 18, 2012 // By Julien Happich
A manufacturer of customized and standardized piezo drive systems, Elliptec produces and distributes the associated piezo components and offers a wide range of engineering and development services.

Building on its previously launched starter kit aimed at familiarizing users with its piezo based micro motors, Elliptec has just released three evaluation kits. The R2K evaluation kit contains the rotatory module R2K and a USB Box interface enabling direct communication between a PC and the R2K. An AC adapter completes the package. The module achieves a resolution up to about 250.000 steps/revolution. The Version L2K evaluation kit features the company's L2K linear positioning module insead of the R2K unit. The linear positioning module offers a sensor resolution of 0.48µm and a positioning accuracy of +/- 2.5µm. The third version, R2K+L2K enables users to test both the rotatory and the linear positioning modules while covering a wide range of applications. The necessary data basis to start evaluating the positioning systems is provided on a CD-ROM.

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