Piezo panel design software streamlines touch development

July 03, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Design Studio software from Aito enables the ultimate in “user experience” touch interfaces; Aito BV, vendor of software enhanced piezo (SEP) touch control technology, has introduced the UX Design Studio development tool to streamline the creation of physical user interfaces based on SEP touch technology.

This software suite is targeted at both product designers, concerned with the operation and response of touch controls, and the embedded hardware and software engineers who will implement the design.

UX Design Studio is a tool that, when used in conjunction with Aito's evaluation boards and the Arduino host platform, eases the adoption of touch controls by allowing the rapid evaluation of design concepts and the validation of ideas without needing to prototype early designs or have any detailed knowledge of the underlying technology. Later in the development cycle, Design Studio provides a capability for easily configuring the touch interface by adjusting the touch sensitivity and providing various tactile, audible and visual feedback signals.

With an intuitive GUI, Aito’s Design Studio software provides an easy access interface that allows developers to create code that can either be uploaded directly to the Arduino Nano platform, included with Aito’s evaluation kits, or used by the customer’s embedded software engineers to create device drivers for their own host processor, using Aito’s Arduino Library. The software provides a timeline view, with separate bars for each output, to show changes to design parameters in real-time. It also provides information on other parameters, such as buzzer frequency or haptic sharpness. The ability to import and export code configurations allows development teams to share and reuse designs. The tool is fully supported by a detailed User Manual and also a Design Guide, which describes how to create successful UX designs.

UX Design Studio is available on request, free of charge, to allow the initial evaluation of Aito’s SEP touch technology; www.aitochip.com