PMIC configured for computing and SSD power applications

November 23, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
IDT has added a highly integrated power management device for enterprise SSD and computing applications: a programmable part, the PMIC enables power system reuse for multiple protocols and form factors

A multi-channel power management IC (PMIC) optimised for enterprise solid state drives (eSSD), the P8300 is a flexible device applicable across a range of data centre, enterprise and high-performance computing applications. It enables reuse of power management subsystems across multiple protocols – SAS, SATA and PCIe – and form factors. Its design delivers an effective power backup system that's been proven in the field, as well as stability proven in first-generation SSD products.

Features of the highly integrated P8300 include:

- Dual inputs (3.3V/5V and 12V) that support PCIe, SATA, and SAS interfaces for multiple form factors and applications

- An integrated 35V-compliant power backup system for mission-critical data center applications

- Six buck regulators, two of which can act as buck controllers to drive external FETs for higher power applications

- A buck-boost regulator for end applications including power back up systems.

In a 7 x 7 mm TQFN-56 package it costs $5.20 (1000).