Polymer aluminium capacitor for mobiles in B case size

March 08, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Murata has developed a polymer aluminium capacitor (PAC) in the B case size (EIA 1411), claiming it as the first in this size. The smaller PAC is primarily intended for use in mobile devices such as laptop PCs, thin televisions and AV equipment.

The need for a physically smaller capacitor for smoothing the inputs and outputs of power circuits is ever-present; until now, says Murata, tantalum capacitors have been the main choice in the B case size, but these B case size PACs offer an alterantive with desirable low ESR characteristics.


The smaller PAC is identified as part number ECNSB41C336M040L. Raising the bar further, the new capacitor also offers 105C durability, 16V rated voltage and 33 µF capacitance. It is specified with a ± 20 % tolerance on capacitor value, and a maximum ESR rating of 40 milliohms. Dimensions of the capacitor are L=3.5, W=2.8, T=1.9 (mm).


Murata Europe; www.murata.com