Portable FieldFox analyser gains pulse measurements for radar field testing

October 02, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent Technologies has introduced a pulse measurement option for its FieldFox handheld analysers that is designed to further simplify radar field testing.

With the new pulse-measurement option, Agilent’s FieldFox analysers allow users to carry a single instrument into the field to verify and measure radar pulse characteristics, S-parameters, spectrum analysis and transmitter power. All measurements made with FieldFox are consistent with those of benchtop analysers.

Testing radar in the field can be challenging due to the multitude of instruments engineers and technicians are required to carry. Handheld products traditionally lack the performance necessary to measure pulsed signals, and field measurements often do not correlate with those taken using laboratory instruments.


The FieldFox pulse measurement option characterises radar signal quality by using Agilent U202x peak-power sensors (available in 18- and 40-GHz models). Working together, the pulse measurement mode and U202x check radar signal quality without having to carry a heavy benchtop instrument into the field. With a single push of a button, users can perform pulse characterisation in the field and obtain all key performance indicators.

The FieldFox calibration engine now features ECal module support. ECal support reduces calibration time and the need to make multiple connections during testing, while also providing for greater consistency between measurements. FieldFox analysers have a number of features that help simplify radar field testing. They include InstAlign, a built-in spectrum analyser with time gating (Option 238), burst trigger and pre-trigger, and verification of most RF pulse transmitters in the field.

InstaAlign is a spectrum analysis technique to accurately measure radar spectrum and power without time-consuming amplitude alignment and instrument warmup. The time-gating function, specifically geared toward engineers testing the pulse characteristics of their radar systems, allows users to view both frequency and time domain at the same time. With time gating and burst trigger/pre-trigger capabilities, Agilent’s FieldFox analysers can measure very narrow RF pulses (less than 1 µsec wide) with sweep time as small as 8 µsec.

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