Portable solution for spectral flux measurement

October 23, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Photometric measurement equipment company Labsphere released the illumia lite system for applications and environments requiring an accurate sphere-based measurement system in a portable hand-held device.

The illumi and illumia pro series of LED and light measurement systems are the best choice for the measurement of thermal, optical, and electrical characteristics of LED's, arrays, and solid state and traditional lighting products.

illumia systems are highly customizable for any budget or application by choosing from a range of four wide dynamic range spectrometers and integrating spheres ranging in size from 25cm to 195cm. All systems are sold with Labsphere’s Spectraflect high reflectance coating and solution-based software for instant analysis. Additional accessories are available for integration into the illumia systems for customers requiring specific application results.
Adding to the accuracy of these systems are the provided NIST-traceable calibrated lamp standards. The addition of these lamp standards allows manufacturers to move product development from design to market more quickly through in-house testing of the thermal, optical, and electrical properties in preparation for meeting global market standards.

Features include

• 4cm integrating sphere spectral light measurement system

• Measures LEDs and other sources up to 1cm

• Wavelength range 380nm – 820nm

• Luminous flux range 0.1 lumens – 5000 lumens

• Wavelength resolution < 5nm

• Wavelength accuracy < 0.5nm

• Dark correction capability via software

• Self-absorption correction via built-in auxiliary lamp

• Device calibration capability

• Handheld portable size and weight

• Ergonomic design

• USB connection to computer with easy-to-use software (included)

For more information visit www.labsphere.com