Portable test set tracks data on LTE networks

July 29, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Anite’s Triton is a multi-purpose LTE wireless core networking testing tool that addresses network signalling and data performance verification requirements.

The unit enables mobile operators and network equipment manufacturers to address growing Quality of Experience testing requirements in an increasingly complex LTE core network. A multi-purpose solution, the instrument allows users to quickly and efficiently diagnose core network issues and validate detailed network performance. It also enables mobile operators to verify interoperability of multi-vendor components.

Triton is a single tool which supports multiple applications including SRP (Survey Record Play), network discovery, roaming analysis, cell visualisation and device tracking. Significant cost-savings can be made as only one tool is required for a wide range of testing requirements. Triton is preloaded with a suite of application packages that the user launches from a home screen. Highly portable, Triton enables users to bring a wide range of capabilities to any location for rapid and accurate issue resolution.

It addresses the exponential growth in mobile data traffic in LTE networks by offering a greater data capture capacity (4x10 GbE) than any other solution available on the market. This enables a more comprehensive analysis. As LTE networks grow in complexity, mobile operators will increasingly rely on more rigorous testing to verify expected performance in the core network. Anite has brought Triton to market in partnership with Telesoft Technologies , extending its product expertise beyond Radio Access Network (RAN) test to include core network (Evolved Packet Core).

Anite; www.anite.com