Potentiometers for the mix-desk, in distribution

January 23, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor Mouser has Bourns Pro Audio’s PTL and PSP series slide potentiometers that feature internal illumination and motorised control.


Bourns' PTL Series features a 15 mm lever with either a red or white LED, offering 30 to 10k Ohms resistance over a 100 mm travel length. The PSP Series offers 1 to 10k Ohms resistance, motorized over a 100 mm travel length. The motor drive operates from an input supply of 6 to 11 VDC. Both series are RoHS compliant and are suited for audio, broadcast, and light mixing consoles.


Mouser; www.mouser.com/new/bourns/bourns-ptl01-potentiometers/ and www.mouser.com/new/bourns/bourns-psp01-potentiometers/