Power modules to simplify inverter design

July 22, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Mitsubishi has expanded its lineup of J1 power modules for electric and hybrid vehicles. The new models feature the same package as other J1 series models, thus simplifying the design of capacity inverters.

The devices are designed for 300A / 1200V and for 300A / 650V. The 1200V model is suited to high-voltage battery inverters as used in hybrid buses and trucks, while the 650V module aims at smaller-capacity inverters for small electric vehicles and mild hybrids.

The J1-series lineup is being expanded to meet the requirements of high power supply voltages and small-capacity inverters. The new products meet the demand of EV/HEV inverters in compact and large vehicle, not just mid-sized models.

This series features an extra-compact 6-in-1 package which shrinks the inverter footprint to about 80% of three 2-in-1 J-series T-PMs. The seventh-generation CSTBT semiconductor technology used for the modules enables collector-emitter saturation voltage to be reduced by about 15%. A direct-cooling package with cooling fin improves heat radiation by about 40%, again compared to 2-in-1 J-series T-PMs.

The company plans to ship samples on October 31 2014.

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