Power supply product family features very high operating life expectancy

May 10, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
As the lighting market moves towards LED options to reduce costs and impact on the environment, AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) has announced an LED power supply engineered for a life expectancy exceeding that of the LEDs themselves and even the life of the application they are used in. The EP100D Series of long-life, high-reliability, high-performance LED drivers has the highest life expectancy on the market today.

With a heritage of design experience in the telecommunications market where products are expected to last 20 years or longer, AEG PS has applied that expertise to the development of its LED drivers. The company's power supplies are manufactured with premium, industrial-grade components built to withstand extreme weather conditions and high-temperature environments. The new drivers make use of a proprietary design approach coupled with the use of higher reliability components, optimized board layout and thermal considerations to make the EP100D Series the most reliable on the market.

The introduction of a power supply with such a high life expectancy will enable customers to lower operation and replacement costs of the power supply system and thus realize better return from their investment in LED lighting, the company said.

AEG PS designed the long life EP100D Series as high-efficiency, fully-isolated AC/DC power supplies capable of meeting the high demands of LED lighting applications. They can operate in constant voltage or constant current modes and include full protection against over voltage, short circuit and over temperature. Available with an output of 36V/2.8A or 48V/2.1A, the LED drivers are configured in a fully-enclosed IP67 package suitable for use in damp locations. They include a 12V/1W auxiliary output which can be used to drive a cooling device or external sensor.

For more information on the EP100D series, visit http://www.aegps.com/en/your-business/lighting/led-lighting/